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Predator DNC

Predator Software is a worldwide leader of shop floor automation and networking solutions for a variety of manufacturing companies.  Predator Software develops Windows® based applications to automate the shop floor and improve production efficiencies. Predator products provide the network "backbone" to communicate across any shop floor or production facility. Once in place, other Predator applications can be integrated either stand alone, or as part of the SFC suite, to provide vital productivity components that enable production facilities to operate efficiently - including network security, document viewing, Internet and intranet browsing, data collection and analysis, machine monitoring, tool and gage managment, and electronic work instructions.


The Predator DNC can network your CNC, robots and PLC based machines, and manage your CNC programs, offsets and parameters. It supports a wide range of CNC communications through parallel, RS-232, RS-422 Ethernet and wireless Ethernet.

With this product you can also multitask, running DNC as a Windows service. Predator DNC's multi-threaded design leverages dual core and quad core CPUs to balance the number of CNCs, PLCs and robots.

DNC Explorer helps keep things simple - it is compatible with Microsoft Office® and Windows Explorer®.  It allows standard features for drag and drop, shortcut menus, cut, copy & paste, object based menus, toolbars, tool tips, and online help.  The interface allows you to completely customize exactly how you want users to interface with the software, how the CNC's are physically configured, and more.


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