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ASAP - Automated Standard Assembly Parts


Automated Standard Assembly Parts

The ASAP Solid Edge Standard Parts Library has all the standard parts you need to put assemblies together in Solid Edge.  Literally thousands of parts are available, from dowel pins to wing nuts... all with a hard drive footprint of less than 50 Mbytes.

To view a complete list of the included parts, click here.1

ASAP is tightly integrated with Solid Edge and can be run directly from Solid Edge Assembly. Simply choose the fastener, and place it. ASAP supports both English and Metric fasteners.

All of ASAP's parts are size selectable and most can be customized with your own specific parameters. These files can also be saved as part files with your own part numbers.

When creating your original designs, you can browse through ASAP to see what's available. All of the fasteners are modeled in accordance with industrial machinery standards.

ASAP improves your productivity by allowing the designer to choose, rather than model, the fasteners that are needed within an assembly. Projects take less time to complete, so new projects can be started ASAP.

One seat is only $395 USD.  For information on possible discounts when purchasing multiple seats, to order your copy, or to request a demo CD contact Alamar Systems:
Phone: 1-888-382-6460
E-mail: stdparts@edgeparts.com

While we have tried very hard to create these standard parts as accurately and completely as possible, Alamar Systems does not guarantee the accuracy of these models or of the assemblies in which these models are used.


Please contact us to arrange for a free consultation or product demonstration to determine if this product fits your company's needs.

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